Security Information

As a Peoples Bank customer, your privacy and security always come first. We are committed to your safety and protection. Find out how we protect you through our procedures and systems. Because our customers are important to us, we have included these tips to help you protect yourself when banking and to assist you in recognizing, preventing, and reporting fraudulent activity.

  • Prevent Fraud & Protect Yourself

    Learn how to detect and prevent illegal attempts to obtain your personal information.

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  • Report Fraud & Identity Theft

    If you suspect that you're the victim of fraud, learn what to do to resolve the issue.

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  • Common Examples of Fraud

    Use these descriptions to learn how to recognize some of the more common scams so you can avoid becoming a victim.

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  • Computer Security Tips

    Computers are excellent tools to help you simplify your life. However, computer use requires awareness to remain protected. Take these steps to make your online experience more secure.

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  • ATM Security

    We encourage you to use our convenient ATMs, but we also want you to protect yourself when using these machines. Just follow these helpful hints for your security.

    As your financial services partner, Peoples Bank understands that your trust in us is our most important asset. In order to preserve that trust, we want you to clearly understand what information we collect, how we use it and the measures we take to protect it. Our privacy policy can be found by following the link below.

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  • Privacy Policy

    Understand how we use and protect your information.

  • Customer Guide to Cybersecurity

    Read about strategies to prevent online fraud.